How it works

Frequently Asked Questions.
How it works and why we are different from anyone else

How producers are selected?

Our passion for the good food always brought us to meet and discover new producer and new foods. As consequence we built a network of relationship that involves nutritionists, chefs, sommelier, tasters and food bloggers. Thanks to this network of relationships we discover day after day new producers.

When does a producer become "Excellent"?

In the moment when we locate a new food producer, we strive to explore his world to understand how it works, what techniques it uses and what are its principles.

If we believe that the producer is aligned to our principles, we ask him to produce all certifications that he achieved and (of course) a taste of his food.
All the products that you will find on “Eccellenti Sapori” have been tasted at least by one of our team member, this to achieve our mission “promote Italian Excellences”

Do I have to pay to be on your site?

The short answer is No. You do not become excellent by offering money.

The path behind the selection and the approval of a new producer is time consuming and intense. However we love it and we put a lot of devotion in the process. All this effort because Eccellenti Sapori is not just a shop where anybody can buy a spot.

Do you offer paid services?

Yes. We offer several services exclusively to excellent producers.
– Event planning and organization
– Online management

All the services are tailored to fit the peculiarity of the single producer.

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